Capo Falcone is a wild, unspoilt paradise: the rugged headland, named for the peregrine falcon that nests among its crevices, rises majestically above a sparkling sea. It can be reached by campervans, which can drive up to the level ground overlooked by the Falcone tower, built in 1537 and which, perched on this 200 m spur, offers a jaw-dropping view: the Isola Piana, the Asinara and the coast from Castelsardo to Capo Caccia. The two sides of the headland offer striking contrasting vistas: the west coast view is marked by towering sheer cliffs rising above the so-called "outer sea", dark blue and exposed to the winds. the east coast, on the other hand, offers a view of a tranquil clear sea, known as the "inner sea", framed by enchanting beaches.

Capo Falcone is the final tip of the Stintino peninsula. It can be reached after passing the Pelosa beach, taking a right turn after a short series of bends in the road.