A landscape born from a fanciful reverie. In correspondence with Capo di Monte Santo, ten miles north of the Santa Maria Navarrese port, the rugged and rocky coastline overlooks the sea from dizzying heights – such as with Perda Longa that gently retreats inwards, in a scenic cove adorned with a plethora of smooth white pebbles. The seabed is of a surreal transparency, awash with turquoise waters flowing from underwater karst springs, with marble rocks shaped over time emerging from the sea including a natural arch and the famous pyramidal peak of Monte Caroddi. Its peak of 143 metres is crowned by a site that cannot be missed on your visit to the Island, considered as its symbol. All around are imposing cliffs that reach a height of 500 metres, covered with Mediterranean scrub that perfumes the air. Behind is a forest of holm oaks and strawberry trees. The unspoilt and wild Cala Goloritzé, a testimonial of Baunei, is one of the coastal stretches of the Gulf of Orosei in which sea and mountain unite in perfect harmony.