A ghost village next to mountains of silvery slag and fascinating ruins from a distant mining period is now an innovative open-air museum. There are also cliffs overlooking crystal clear waters, spectacular coves and expanses of white sand, places where you can alternate relaxation on the beach with hiking explorations. This is the landscape of Argentiera, a hamlet of Sassari - 43 kilometres away (by first taking state road SS 291 and then provincial road SP 18) - once a flourishing village and a major mining district in northern Sardinia, thanks to rich deposits of zinc and argentiferous lead, known since ancient times. Today it is one of the most fascinating sites of industrial archaeology in Europe, an integral part of the geomineral park of Sardinia, as well as a peaceful seaside resort, halfway between Alghero, Stintino and Porto Torres and it is never crowded, even in the height of summer. A few farming families live in the village all year round.