A joy for the soul, and a fantastic place to wait for the sunset, relaxing lying on the sand and swimming in crystal clear waters. The bay of Cala Caterina is set in the south slope of the promontory of Capo Carbonara, at the extreme south-eastern tip of the island, and is formed by several inlets, including two main ones. One is very small, uncrowded, and surrounded by granite rocks. The beach is almost closed on itself, with a white and fine sandy bottom that is lapped by a sea of ​​a thousand reflections, between emerald green and blue, that contributes to the variety of colours of the landscape. Well sheltered from the Mistral wind, it is bordered on one side by a cliff, and on the other it gives way to the smooth rocks. The bottom is shallow and sandy, full of fish that will crowd at your feet. The other beach is a little more exposed to winds, with similar but more extensive characteristics. Here the sandy bottom becomes rocky after a few metres, ideal for snorkelling.