In the territory of Baunei, halfway between other wonderful havens on the Ogliastra coast, like Cala Goloritzé and Cala Luna, and near Grotta del Fico and Cala Sisine, liesCala Biriola. This delightful little beach of round, white pebbles, protected by the limestone cliffs along an area of over two kilometres, appears at the end of the charming thicket of the same name, consisting of centuries-old holm oaks, junipers clinging to the rocks and Mediterranean scrub. It is framed by a rocky arch, which is level with the water, with the waves breaking against it and completing the unforgettable tableau vivant. The extremely transparent water, which is full of fish, make it suitable for scuba diving or swimming with a mask and snorkel.

You will reach Cala Biriola via a long and challenging trekking trail through the mountains of Supramonte, setting off from the Golgo of Baunei, with several uphill climbing stretches that require the assistance of expert guides, adequate equipment and an abundant water supply. The trail runs along the cliff, offering thrilling views of the sea below. Here, shepherds and coal merchants, the protagonists of the main activities of the past, left behind numerous traces: ladders, log footbridges, iron runners to facilitate the passage of people and animals to the sea and the loading of coal onto the barges. Otherwise you can get there on a private boat or by using those departing from the ports of Arbatax, Cala Gonone and Santa Maria Navarrese. If you opt for a boat or a dinghy, just before your arrival, you will not be able to resist diving into the Piscine di Venere, a body of water with bright colours that change from turquoise to emerald green and from sky-blue to deep blue. These are real natural pools.