A spectacle that is unique on the island, very rare in Italy and unusual in the rest of the world: the waters of the Cabu Nieddu waterfall fall directly into the Sardinian Sea, a forty-metre drop, from a vast natural amphitheatre dug out of a high stretch of coast between the famous bay of s’Archittu and the Marina of Tresnuraghes. We are in the territory of Cuglieri, in the historical region of Montiferru, which gets its name from the massif of volcanic origin that dominates a landscape of plateaus, woods and rivers. One of these watercourses, rio Salighes, is the protagonist of the magnificent scenario: it crosses the solid layer of basalt rock that stretches as far as the Campeda plateau, until it touches the coast and flows into the sea.

In spring, the more abundant the winter rain, the more spectacular and unforgettable is the ‘plunge’ of s’Istrampu de Capu Nieddu, as it is known locally.