The main structure is a proto-nuraghe or 'corridor-type' nuraghe. The internal area has a corridor crossing it lengthwise, with two entries and niches obtained from the thickness of the walls. Despite the presence of grooved pottery attributed to the Monte Claro culture, more recent investigation places this site in the Middle Bronze Age (15th-14th century BC) and has provided a new interpretation: the two internal areas were chambers with corbelled vaults and truncated ogival cross-section. About 100 m from the nuraghe stands a stone hut village, where Late Bonze Age artefacts have been found (13th-10th century BC).

From the centre of the village of Gesturi, turn left onto the signposted road for the Giara. Follow it for about 4.2 km until you reach the parking area on the summit of the Giara, where you will find the entrance to the Park: the nuraghe is on the left hand side, at a distance of about 4000 m along a dirt road, which can be covered either on foot or by car.