The forest of Bolostiu is found at 700 m above sea level, in the territory of Alà dei Sardi, in the north-east part of Sardinia, and has a total area of 1056 hectares covered mostly by reforestations of broadleaf and conifers but also fully developed Mediterranean brush. The highest point is that of Nodu Frascosu with its 833 m. On some rocky slopes there is some evidence of the vegetation that existed in the not so distant past, represented by specimens of twisted holm oak that in the more favourable areas as regards soil condition and sun exposure, reach considerable dimensions. The presence of these forest traces and the testimony of the local population leads to the presumption that the territory was once covered by a thick holm oak forest with the presence of mesophytic species such as the European holly (ilex aquifolium, in Sardinian bolostiu) from where the locality took its name. At Cazza Noa, deep inside the forest in an impervious and not easily accessible area, there is a magnificent waterfall, that attracts numerous tourists despite its difficult access.