The Bottega del Fabbro in Armungia belongs to a network of museums and heritage sites in the village: the Ethnographic museum 'Sa domu de is ainas', which preserves the village folk culture, the 'Emilio and Joyce Lussu' Museum, that focuses on the couple's human, political and literary experience, and the Armungia Nuraghe.

Set in the historic centre of the village, which in the past grouped together the main craft activities, the blacksmith's workshop is a small two-storey stone building erected in the early 19th century. Once the home of the Vellini family, who had come to the island from mainland Italy in the golden period of mining activity, it was converted into a craftsman's workshop in 1928.

The building has been restored, fully preserving the original materials and construction techniques. On the ground floor it preserves the traditional layout and equipment of the blacksmith's/farrier's ('su ferreri') workshop: the porch area with the wooden frame for shoeing beasts of burden, the forge for working iron and the yard with the sandstone wheels for sharpening knives. On the first floor, the work of the smith/farrier is documented and told in its material and symbolic aspects. Period documents and photographs also trace the history of the Vellini family, who came here from Piedmont in the mid 19th century, being involved in the construction of the Villasalto mine's ore processing plant.

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