The scenery is described by many tourists as one of the wonders of Sardinia, able to regenerate the spirit and offer new emotions based on the sunlight, from sunrise until sunset. Bèrchida is a splendid, long, spacious beach, considered (and voted) one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. It is situated in the territory of Siniscola, in Baronìa, which is just a few kilometres away. Never crowded and the ideal destination for relaxing, withshallow waters, fine sand and the colours of the sea, which range from green to turquoise. You will be able to enjoy various amenities: kiosk-bars, beach equipment, canoe and pedalo rentals and ample parking. It is surrounded by centuries-old junipers and Mediterranean scrub, forming a natural setting for the Rio Berchìdarivulet, at the mouth of which there is a pond inhabited by numerous animal species. Near the beach, there are also two archaeological areas, in which you will find the ruins of the Conca Umosa and Paule e’Luca nuraghi.

With a long, pleasant walk along the water’s edge, to the north you can reach the splendid dunes of Capo Comino and S’Ena e Sa Chitta,​ three kilometres of fine, white sand, closed in by rocks in the area of the old lighthouse, off the shore of which there is the little Isola Rossa (Red Island). Behind it, there is a pine forest of Aleppo pines and stone pines, about half a century old. Further south, you will find the little fishing village of Santa Lucia, which emerged around an Aragonese tower and behind a lovely white sandy beach, and the renowned tourist locality of La Caletta, with all necessary amenities and a five kilometres of beach. Then, to the south of Bérchida, there is the Oasis of Biderosa, another magical place. It is a coastal forest of over a thousand hectares, inside which it is easy to sea migratory birds and resident species, the pride of Siniscola thanks to the variety of flora and fauna within it. The coastal forest includes five little coves, among which the charming beach of Biderosa with a pond behind it, inhabited by pink flamingos and herons.