Limestone bastions overlooking the sea, indescribably beautiful stretches of sand and water so blue that it blends with the sky. These places are a must during your journey in Sardinia. It is the territory of Baunei, a village perched on a limestone mountain, dominating one of the Island's most greatly admired stretches of coastline.
Cala Biriola, Cala Goloritzé, Cala Mariolu and CalaSisine are the most symbolic beaches in this corner of paradise on the Ogliastra coasts. The varied scenery and rare species of wildlife make this an exotic part of Sardinia. Another place not to be missed is Cala Luna - shared with the territory of Dorgali - from high up on its limestone craters, it looks like the sea is enclosed in an a cruet.
Canyons, karst valleys, sheer limestone rock faces and the famous chasm of Golgo, a funnel almost 300 metres deep, make Baunei the ideal destination for those who want to live as protagonists while on holiday and who want to experience totally exhilarating outdoor activities, from trekking to Nordic walking, climbing and paragliding.
The Mediterranean scrub, forming a dense thicket of centuries-old Holm oaks, junipers and pines, look down onto the distinct ‘brushstrokes’of the sea. The mouflon, the Eleonora's hawk, the golden eagle and the Audouin's gull have chosen this wild and rugged place as one in which to carry on the species.
If you love history, visit the rural churchofSan Pietro, the Nuragic settlements and the tombs of the giants. Travelling back in time through these reminders of the past is a journey filled with magic and history, to which you will become accustomed while in Sardinia.