Bated breath before the force of nature, while contemplating the windswept landscapes covered by Mediterranean scrub, and the mysterious charm heightened by a century of isolation, which has preserved its true nature: first a 'quarantine' station, then a prisoner of war camp during the First World War and lastly a maximum-security prison, until the establishment of the park. These are the sensations provoked by the rugged and sun-drenched paths on the island of Asinara. Its rich nature has been a part of the national park of the same name since 1997 and is separated from the beach of Pelosa and the Isola Piana island by the Passaggio dei Fornelli, a deep blue navigable canal. Guaranteeing the integrity of the ecosystem, there are also 'legendary' settlements, like the industrious community that was forced to abandon the island in 1885 and founded the village of Stintino.