The village lies on the slopes of Monte Bardia, not far from the coast in the centre of the Gulf of Orosei. This nuraghic settlement is made up of about 100 circular-plan huts, built of limestone blocks. One of these houses seems to be the meeting hut: it is circular with a wide entrance leading into a chamber with double benches and three niches in the walls. A great circular fireplace marked off by upright slabs is set near the entrance.

From Nuoro, take SS 129 and continue until you reach the turnoff for SP 38. drive along it until you come to the crossroads with SS 125, in direction of Dorgali. Drive as far as the town and then take SS 125, known as the 'Orientale Sarda' until the turnoff for Cala Gonone. Just before reaching the town, in the vicinity of a gas station, take a left turn, and drive up the hill which hosts a modern residential development. at the end of the road, turn right and drive a short distance until on the left you come to an uphill pathway with a tourist sign indicating the nuraghic village. Leave the car and walk along the path until its end: the ruins of the hut village are on the right, amidst the thick Mediterranean maquis.

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