This Roman bath complex, one of the most important in Sardinia, lies on the left bank of the river Tirso. it was built on the Roman town of 'Forum Traiani'. This settlement, first built in the Late Republican age, was developed by Trajan as a trading centre between the villages of the hinterland and the Romanized peoples living in the area of the Gulf of Oristano. The ancient baths of 'Aquae Ypsitanae' are set out on various levels and consist of two structures. The first exploited the waters which still today spring from the ground at a temperature of 54&deg.C. In the middle of the bath structure is a large rectangular pool ideal for tepid baths, which at one time was covered by a barrel vaulted roof, and was surrounded by porticoes at the sides. The second structure includes the changing rooms. Water was supplied via an efficient network of pipes from a system of wells and cisterns in part fed by the Roman aqueduct.

From Oristano, take SP 55 for Silì and continue along SS 388 in the direction of Simaxis and Ollastra. Then on to Fordongianus. From the village centre take the road to the Baths until you reach the archaeological complex.

Address: Località Terme, Fordongianus. Phone: +39 0783 605172/60123.
Management: Coop Forum Traiani, Fordongianus.