Allai is set in the Massari river valley, encircled by hills clad in Mediterranean vegetation – myrtle bushes and arbutus, oak and mastic trees – at the feet of monte Grighine, from whose summit you can enjoy views of the giare, Montiferru and Gennargentu. It is a small Barigadu village within the province of Oristano that is home to less than 400 inhabitants. Documentary evidence of it dates to 1341 when, under Spanish control, it appeared as Alay. The modern name dates to the early XIX century. The village is graced with courtyard houses made of dark stone and embellished with decorative murals. At the centre is the Catalan-Gothic parish Church of the Santo Spirito, built between the XVI and XVII centuries. It features a single nave with a sequence of pointed arches and a variety of niche chapels. The largest of these has a cross vault ceiling and is home to a holy water font from the XI century. It has undergone a variety of changes over time. The door, rosette and some of the interior are original.