The Abini village-sanctuary, on the banks of the Taloro river, in the Mandrolisai area, in a countryside dotted with lentisk and wild olive trees, has a sacred well, protected by a stone fence and several round stone huts, originally topped by a cone-shaped roof made of poles and branches. The interior of many huts has a stone bench along the wall and a central stone basin. Other huts have yielded copper fragments, possibly scrap from smelting of the metal, and presumably they served as forges. Archaeological digs have unearthed several bronze artefacts: swords, daggers, bracelets, rings and statuettes depicting gift bearers, archers and warriors in the act of prayer and wearing horned helmets. Some striking statuettes show devil-like creatures with many eyes and arms.

From Teti head to lake Benzone. After about 10 km, take a right turn and continue for a further 2 km to a parking area.

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