Cannonau and live to be a hundred

Vino Cannonau

Cannonau and live to be a hundred

In vino veritas? In Sardinia the truth is in the longevity of Cannonau, the wine with an indigenous 'genealogy' that goes back more than three thousand years
elixir of long life

Ruby red, inebriating, normally aged for two to six years and with an alcohol content never below 12.5 per cent. A smooth, robust wine that goes perfectly with game and the strong flavours of Sardinian cuisine, especially cheeses like Pecorino. On the topic of a long and healthy life Sardinia has a great deal to offer and Cannonau wine is part of its secret recipe.

Uva cannonau
Prodotti tradizionali - Desulo
longevity: genetics, environment, society and… food

The longevity of the Sardinians is genetic, but not only. According to studies on this subject, it may also be the result of a unique combination of environmental and social factors, among which and not least in importance food and diet that, for thousands of years, has been based (and handed down) on healthy and authentic products. Cannonau wine contributes to the local diet. It is a true elixir of long life and contains three times the amount of anti-oxidants compared to other red wines, guaranteeing benefits to the cardiovascular system almost ten times higher than other varieties of wine grown in other Italian regions.

Cannonau vitigno
D'Annunzio wrote about it in the preface to "Taverns of Italy" by Barth

A wine that Gabriele D'Annunzio also knew very well. He wrote the preface to Hans Barth's guidebook "Taverns of Italy”, to which we owe the first information about Cannonau outside of Sardinia. The poet was welcomed in Oliena as a guest and tasted the 'nectar' in its most intense Nepente version: “Do you not know of Nepente of Oliena, not even by reputation? (...) I am sure that, if you drank a sip, you would never again want to leave the shade of the white cliffs…”

vigneto - mandrolisai
an inebriating experience along the Cannonau Trails

Anyone wanting to accompany their reading with an on-site experience should not miss the chance to visit the Nuorese region, the Barbagia area, the Supramonte mountain range, the Mandrolisai region and the Ogliastra region, where this black grape is grown most abundantly: charming little treasures from a land rich in flavours and fragrances. Walking through the breathtaking scenery of the Gennargentu and the Supramonte mountainous areas not only elevates the spirit but it also gratifies the palate and it is a chance to discover the strong notes of the local grape varieties: The Cannonau Trail is the ideal itinerary for everyone, from families on holiday to young couples escaping from the city.


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