The authentic life of Sardinian villages


The authentic life of Sardinian villages

An insight into the intriguing and mysterious Sardinia: explore the heart of the Island and discover the typical little-known reality of the authentic villages. These itineraries will become vivid memories of your journey
small treasures set in unspoilt environments

Natural monuments and unique landscapes, hills and valleys, birdlife parks and reserves, old towns and archaeological sites, knowledge and flavours, artistic handicrafts and food and wine itineraries. On foot, by bike, on horseback or on the Trenino Verde (Little Green Train) through the heart of Sardinia. We set off from Baronie. In Posada, we visit to the old town centre, at the foot of the Castello della Fava castle, a late-medieval symbol, and Galtellì, a small village made entirely of stone, where the extraordinary concentration of churches and sanctuaries make it a destination for pilgrimages throughout the year.

welcome to the heart of Sardinia

Crossing through the towns of the Marghine and Barbagia regions, we can taste the traditional cuisine and discover the excellent handicrafts. High grounds and Lake Gusana surround Gavoi, filled with views of the granite houses and flowering balconies, where writers, actors and intellectuals from all over the world perform on the occasion of the Literary festival. Gavoi tradition is made up of ancient musical and work tools, like the drum played by the tumbarinos. While the Canti a Tenore accompany a visit to Bitti, located in a valley where you can travel back in time to the prehistoric period thanks to the numerous Nuragic ruins.

the authenticity and tradition of Sardinian villages

Going deeper into the heart of Sardinia, you can admire the forest and the medieval castle of Burgos, a fortress on a high ground, dominating the whole of the Goceano region. At the foot of Mount Limbara, there is Aggius, an ancient village with an agricultural and pastoral tradition, embued with passion and spirituality, best enjoyed during the Holy Week. Heart-felt celebrations also take place at Castelsardo, in the nearby Anglona, a village perched high up on a promontory overlooking the sea, founded by the Doria family from Genoa in 1100. History, handicrafts and nature make it one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

life seems to be standing still

Once more in the centre of the Island, in the Mandrolisai region, you can lose yourself among the two hundred menhirs (standing stones) in the park of Sorgono and be charmed by the splendid sight of 50 water sources flowing out of the granite, shaped by time and nature. Then, in the Oristano area, there is Neoneli, where red trachyte stones colour the ancient houses and workshops, and Santu Lussurgiu, surrounded by centuries-old forests. You will also find an invaluable environmental and historical patrimony at Laconi, where the castle stands in the urban park of Aymerich. Lastly, it is worth paying a visit to Medio Campidano, to relax in the thermal baths of Roman origin in Sardara, and Sarcidano, where you must not miss out on a boat trip from Orroli, a museum-village set between the dams of Flumendosa and lake Mulargia.