Thermal baths

A very special gift reaches us from Sardinia’s ancient geological past: the curative properties of the waters springing from beneath the ground. Known and exploited from time immemorial, these thermal waters are as effective today as in the past.

The thermal waters of Sardara (locality Santa Maria Acquas, Province of Medio Campidano) flow from a site already well known in the Bronze Age. These waters are bicarbonate-alkaline and hyper-thermal: they flow from five springs at a temperature between 58° and 60°C.

The Hotel Antiche Terme di Sardara, set in an eucalyptus wood, offers beauty and curative treatments and has also a wellness centre.

Created by the Emperor Trajan, the Roman Bath complex of Fordongianus is set in the midst of the Tirso Valley (Province of Oristano). The original bath building (1st – 3rd centuries AD) can still be visited.

The waters of Fordongianus, sulphurous and hyper-thermal, spring out at a temperature of 56°C and are especially suitable for the treatment of respiratory complaints, skin diseases and brittle bones. The Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme (click on the website) has a spa centre offering beauty and wellness treatments. 

The baths of Benetutti are situated in the thermal area of San Saturnino between the municipalities of Benetutti and Bultei (Province of Sassari) and were built over the ruins of a bath complex dating back to Roman times. From the eight springs flows thermo-mineral water between 34° and 43°C. Its sulphurous and saline-bromine-iodine composition makes it ideal for the treatment of rheumatism and for musculoskeletal and circulatory complaints. The thermal centre Aurora (see website) is set in a wooded park with direct access to the baths and also offers beauty treatments.

Again in the Province of Sassari, the Terme of Casteldoria are situated between the sea and the river Coghinas, in pleasant unspoilt countryside. The charming scenery is marked by the castle of the Doria family, a testimonial of Genoese domination in the Middle Ages. The hot waters, salty-bromine-iodine, flow from the spring between 40° and 76°C and possesses antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant qualities. The spa complex offering the benefits of these waters is also known as Terme di Casteldoria.

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