Terme di Casteldoria

The Casteldoria hot spring spa, already known by the Romans for its thermal waters, stands about 15 km from Castelsardo. It is set in pristine countryside, overlooked by the ruins of the Doria castle, built in the 12th century AD by the Genoans.


The spa complex stands between the sea and the Coghinas river, whose name in the language of the Logudoro area means “kitchens” on account of the hot thermal springs of saline-bromine-iodine waters flowing at a temperature of 40 to 76°C.


The surrounding landscape is charming, overlooking the river separating the municipalities of Santa Maria and Viddalba. The thermal waters have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties; they also stimulate the immune system and relieve muscle tension. They have curative properties against rheumatism, arthritis, psoriasis, dermatitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, as well as intestinal and gynaecological complaints.

The spa complex offering the benefits of these waters is the Terme di Casteldoria.

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