The Bridge on the Cispiri River, Tramatza

Tramatza rises on the banks of the River Cispiri at the edge of the Oristano plain. Its name almost certainly derives from "Tramatzu", “tamarisk”, a common shrub that grows in the stagnant pools of the area. The name of the village appeared for the first time in 1130m in the foundation deeds of the monastery of Santa Maria of Bonarcado. The territory has been inhabited since the Neolithic Age; two villages from the period are found at Su Sarrigheddu and Is Launeddas.


There are also various remains from the Nuraghic period; the “Attus” Nuraghe and the “Mannu” Nuraghe. The remains of a Roman bridge have been found near to the Rio Cispiri. The Parish Church dedicated to the Saints Maria Maddalena, Salvatore and Geminiano is of certain interest. Consecrated in 1388, in the sacristy it has a sarcophagus, dating to the period of the “Giudicati”, characterised by a series of decorations and bas-reliefs depicting a winged putto, two angels with folded wings and a number of shields. On the outskirts of the village, we find the church dedicated to San Giovanni Battista dating to the XVII century.


One of the reasons for visiting this village is provided by the numerous feasts and festivals organised here. On 2nd July, Santa “Maria Maddalena”, the Patron Saint of the village is celebrated; on the evening of 14th January, a huge bonfire is lit in honour of Sant'Efisio, which every year attracts most of the locals and numerous people from the nearby villages. The first Sunday in August is the “Onion Festival” and the “Sheep Festival” is held on 24th June. November is the turn of the “New Wine Festival.”

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