The architecture of the village, Stintino

The charming little village of Stintino overlooks the Gulf of Asinara, on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia. It came into existence precisely in 1885, when the families of the fishermen who lived on the Island of Asinara were evicted to make way for the penal colony and were obliged to found a new settlement on Capo Falcone. The origins of the toponym derive from the Sardinian "s'isthintinu", that is, “intestine”, from the name given to the narrow fiord where the village lies. The two ports -Portu Mannu and Portu Minori – are equipped for nautical tourism.


Near the sea at just a few kilometres from the inhabited centre, we find the old tunny factories, which were one of the principal economic sources of the village until the XX century. Today they have been restructured and are used for tourism and recreational activities. Every Summer, the “Tuna Festival” is held in the port, while the “Tunny Factory Museum” displays a collection of documents, objects and models that narrate the life cycle of the tuna fish and illustrate the various phases of the tunny killing. To the north the road continues northwards along the coast as far as Capo Falcone, with the tower at the highest point and the two Spanish fortifications of “Pelosa” and the “Isola Piana”. The whole coast of Stintino is edged by spotless beaches, which make this village one of the most famed tourist resorts in the whole of Sardinia. From the Porto Nuovo, it is possible to reach the unspoilt natural oasis of the National Park of Asinara.

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The architecture of the village, Stintino
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