Santa Cristina area

The archaeological site of Santa Cristina is located on the basalt plateau of Abbasanta, in the territory of the municipality of Paulilatino.
The area takes its name from the small country church of Santa Cristina, built some time in the 1200s, around which stands a cluster of cumbessias, small houses originally built to shelter pilgrims.
The area, in use from the nuraghic period, is divided into two sectors: the first includes the well temple (consisting of an atrium, a stairway leading downwards and an underground tholos-roofed chamber which housed the spring), the “meeting hut” paved with cobbles and complete with a circular bench, and a series of other small square and round-plan buildings, probably lodgings for the priests of the cult and the pilgrims. The second sector includes a single-tower nuraghe and houses dating from various periods.


The archaeological site can be reached on SS 131 Sassari-Cagliari: at km 114.3 you will find a signposted turnoff leading to the complex.


Phone: +39 0785 55438/686/623.


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