Nature Area of the Sette Fratelli - Monte Genis

Paesaggio sui Sette Fratelli - Autore Piscedda Odilia

The area straddles the territories of Burcei, Castiadas, Maracalagonis, Quartucciu, Quartu Sant'Elena, San Vito, Sinnai, Villasalto and Villasimius. It includes the Public Forest of Sette Fratelli, the Sette Fratelli peaks and the Public Forest of Monte Genis. Three crests rise to about 1,000 m asl: Monte Genis (979 m), the Serpeddì massif (1067 m), and the mountain area of Sette Fratelli (with its tallest peak, Punta Ceraxa reaching 1016 m). This mountain area is clothed in holm oak woods and cork tree forests with strawberry tree, heather, myrtle and junipers. It teems with wildlife, including wild boar, marten, hare, rabbit, wild cat, golden eagle, peregrine falcon and Sardinian goshawk. It is also home to the Sardinian deer and the mouflon, the latter roaming on the slopes of the Sette Fratelli and Monte Genis. In addition to its precious plant and animal life, the nature area of Sette Fratelli – Monte Genis offers vistas of sweeping beauty, thanks to the fantastic shapes taken by the rocks weathered by erosion over millions of years: cliffs, overhangs, deep ravines (Baccu Anigiulus, Gola del Rio Picocca), granite rock pinnacles and tall outcrops, softly-sloping river valleys (Rio Ollastu, Rui Brabaisu, Rio Cannas, Rio Picocca, Rio Maidopis). The Public Forest of Sette Fratelli is a nature oasis in the territories of Burcei and Sinnai, which can be explored to the full along a network of well-marked footpaths recommended by Sentiero Italia: its thick vegetation includes holm oak woods, cork oaks, strawberry trees, lentisk and oleander, Corsican broom and least purple crocus. The most majestic landform in the area is the mountain range of the Sette Fratelli, reaching 1016 m at Punta Ceraxa. The area is home to deer, while near Punta Ceraxa there is a mouflon breeding enclosure. At Campuomu stands the Forestry centre "Dr. Umberto Noci", at about 600 m asl, which has a visitors’ information point. A footpath leads from the centre to Punta Sa Ceraxa, also reaching the Arco dell’Angelo, which stands out for its beautiful pink granite formations, making it a natural monument. This vantage point offers sweeping vistas embracing the Castiadas valley, the Colostrai wetland and the Campidano plain of Cagliari. Other natural attractions are the Fra' Conti Cave, which according to legend was once a hermit’s refuge, Su Stumpu 'e Giumpau, a steep granite bastion, and Sa Grutta'e Sa Pipia. Taking care not to make noise, with some luck you can spot some of the many wildlife species inhabiting the forest, including Sardinian deer, wild cat, wild boar and eagle. The area was inhabited in the Stone Age, as is shown by clay objects found on the banks of the Rio Picocca, in the Bau sa Perda and Bingia Manna areas. The ruins of three Neolithic villages lie nearby. To the north of the river the forest is dotted by several nuraghes: Spuccione, Pirastru, Sa Prana, Serra S'Arrizzoni, Miura, Piricoccu, Areu S'Achiloni, Perdu Loddu, Accu 'e Mius, Bruncu Spinniau and many others. At about 600 m asl lie the ruins of a convent, flanked by two majestic ancient trees: a cork oak and a holm oak. The Public Forest of Monte Genis, overlooked by the peak of the same name, rising to 979 m, is clothed in a thick forest of alder, juniper and carob, with heather, broom, iris and peony. High in the sky fly the hawk, golden eagle, barn owl and hoopoe.


To get to the Sette Fratelli forest from Cagliari take SS 125 towards Muravera. On reaching the S'Arcu e Tidu mountain pass, turn right to the Noci Forest Ranger Centre, in the Campuomu locality. To reach the San Nicolò Gerrei forest, take the provincial road to Dolianova.


For more information and maps on the nature area, contact the Forest Rangers’ Station at +39 070 27991; +39 070 831038.

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Paesaggio sui Sette Fratelli - Autore Piscedda Odilia
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