The slope leading to the San Paolo Sanctuary, Monti

Right in the centre of the Gallura area at a few minutes from the airport of Olbia and the ports of Olbia and the Golfo Aranci, we find the village of Monti at the foot of the Limbara mountain range, right behind the luxurious world of the Costa Smeralda. The territory of Monti is surrounded by granite masses, cork woods and Mediterranean shrub and is also well known for its excellent vines which go to produce the famous Vermentino wine, symbol of the Gallura area and the only wine in Sardinia with an authenticated trademark. The village, located in the region of Mount Acuto on the hills between the Gallura and the Logudorese area, is of great interest because of its numerous important archaeological remains and architectural and environmental features. The State Forest of Mount Olia extends to the south of the village and is one of the most interesting natural attractions of the area with a view over the natural park; the habitat of numerous species of animals such as birds of prey, boars, roe deer and moufflons. The Belvedere of Sa Turrida is also of certain interest, from where you can enjoy an exceptional panorama of the whole valley of Olbia, from the Island of Tavolara as far as Mount Limbara, continuing on to Lake Coghinas. The first findings from an archaeological point of view can be traced back to the Neolithic Age followed by the Nuraghic and Roman periods. Among the most interesting are most certainly the “Logu” Nuraghe and the ruins of a Roman “Pagus”. During the Middle Ages, the village of Monti represented the eastern border of the “Giudicato” of Logudoro to which it belonged. In around the second half of the XIII century, the Dorias built the Castle of Castra whose remains are still evident. The Castle was conquered by the Pisans at the end of the century. Following this, the territory of Monti passed into the property of the Malaspinas and in the XIV century, it was annexed to the “Giudicato” of Arborea, later becoming an Aragonese dominion.


One of the best reasons for visiting Monti must be its excellent wine. The “Vermentino di Gallura” was given the highest award of the authenticated trademark in 1996 and is the most important of all native Sardinian wines. It is a prized white wine whose delicate but intense aroma is an excellent choice to accompany fish soups or mainly seafood dishes with that certain touch of class. During the month of August an important festival is held in honour of Bacchus’ fruit. The country Sanctuary of the old Church of “San Paolo Eremita” from 1348 is also of notable interest in the territory of Monti. It is beautifully and simply built in exposed stone and its current floor-plan dates to the XVII century. A heartfelt religious feast takes place in mid-August near the Sanctuary of “San Paolo Eremita”. During the holy rites a long and slow-moving line of pilgrims make their way along the road that leads to the sanctuary, in the past, sinners used to complete the last part on their knees.

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The slope leading to the San Paolo Sanctuary, Monti
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