Laguna di Marceddì

laguna marceddì

The Marceddì lagoon lies close to the fishermen’s village of the same name, in the Municipality of Terralba, at the southern end of the Golfo di Oristano, where the coast is cut by a deep inlet. In the lagoon’s innermost portion lies the marsh of San Giovanni, separated from the lagoon by a strip of land. San Giovanni is a freshwater marsh, as it is fed not by the sea but by two streams: rio Mogoro and rio Mannu. Here, rare species of wading birds build their nests on the muddy banks covered in lush vegetation: the purple swamp hen, coot, mallard, purple heron, bittern, great crested grebe. The foremost part of the inlet, that closest to the sea, forms the Marceddì lagoon. Its salt waters are home to the great cormorant, great crested grebe and black-necked grebe, diving duck, grey heron, yellow-legged gull: all these birds winter here. The wetland area has a thriving fishery, operated by a fishermen’s coop and harvesting eels, grey mullet, sea bass, and carp, which are the main ingredients of delicious local recipes.


From SS 131 take the turnoff to Marrubiu and drive through the village. Continue in the direction of Arborea (Tanca Marchesa). Along the road you will find directions to the hamlet of Marceddì, which lies by the lagoon.


Near the lagoon there is a wide choice of restaurants and fishing tourism inns, serving delicious dishes of fresh-caught fish.

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laguna marceddì
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