Panorama - Castelsardo

Castelsardo is a charming coastal town whose destiny has always been linked to the sea. In ancient times it was both a defence post and a strategic watch point. The old town, perched on a hill beside the sea, has preserved its medieval fortress structure, with soaring bastions, steep stairways and a maze of narrow streets and alleys.
On top of the plateau rises the Doria castle, which houses the Museum of Mediterranean Weaving.
A short walk from the castle stands the 14th century cathedral of Sant'Antonio Abate, with its tall bell tower topped by a dome in coloured majolica tiles. On the slopes of the Castello stands the Medieval church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, with a wooden crucifix of the Black Christ dating from the 14th century. Out of town, in the Multeddu locality, stands the Roccia dell’Elefante, a striking dark trachyte rock sculpted by the wind to resemble an elephant, at whose base open prehistoric chamber tombs, the domus de janas. The area has been inhabited since the Nuraghic period: vestiges of this Bonze-age civilisation remain in the ruins of nuraghe Paddaggiu. Another interesting site is the Monte Ossoni prehistoric village, surrounded by an imposing stone wall. The many spectacular beaches in the area are ideal for sailing and windsurfing, especially Punta La Capra, Punta Li Paddimi and Lu Bagnu.
The town’s folk traditions come to the fore during the Easter Week celebrations, with strong Spanish influence, attended by faithful from across Sardinia.

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Panorama - Castelsardo
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