Berchidda, Museo del Vino

Berchidda lies on the southern slopes of the Limbara massif, the true geographical centre of the mountainous Gallura area. Various theories have been suggested as regards the origins of the toponym. In medieval sources, it is attested as Berquilla, which some scholars retain derives from the Latin “virgilla”, that is, “shoots used to make baskets”; according to others, it is connected with the German term “Berg”, meaning “mountain”, referring to Mount Limbara. The territory of Berchidda has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as is clearly demonstrated by numerous monuments, among which we find a number of “domus de janas” necropolises, dolmens and nuraghi. In the Silvani area, the remains of a road and a bridge persist from the Roman period. Furthermore in 1918, a trove of Republican coins in excellent condition was found near the village, (today found in Sassari’s "A. Sanna" Archaeological Museum). During the Middle Ages, it was first part of the “Giudicato” of Torres and then passed to the “Giudicato” of Arborea (from the second half of the XIII century). The steep roads of the village are today edged with houses built closely together, buildings in Neoclassical and Art Nouveau style alternating with large villas with gardens. From the main square you can enjoy a view of indisputable beauty over the valley below and of Mount Acuto.


The remains of the castle of Montacuto lie at 4 km from the inhabited centre on a dirt track, at an altitude of 493 m. The fortress belonged to Adelasia of Torres and her husband Ubaldo Visconti, then to the Doria family and the Malaspinas, and finally to the Judges of Arborea. Only the ruins of a few parts of the walls, a tower and a cistern still remain. The village’s territory abounds with woods and forests like the one near the River Seleme, but also with cultivated fields and especially vineyards. The famous “Vermentino di Gallura” wine is produced here and is the only Sardinian wine which can boast the Docg trademark (Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin). It is not by chance that Berchidda is home to the “Wine Museum – The Sardinian Regional Wine Cellar”, which with its modern layout traces the interesting history of viticulture, exhibiting a series of objects that are used for working the grapes and producing the wine, including a number of granite tanks which are still used in the Gallura area and are very similar to ones found in the nuraghi. There is also a chance to learn about wine-tasting with all the rules supplied by a virtual sommelier in an interactive lesson. Among all the other traditional food and wine products of Berchidda, it is impossible to forget the “sospiri”, traditional sweets made with almonds, produced by a local firm in the innovative myrtle, orange and chocolate flavours, and then the "suppa cuatta", a typical dish from the Gallura area made with bread, fresh cheese, broth and mature “pecorino” cheese. A must is the internationally renowned “Time in Jazz” festival, which takes place in August and is organised by the association with the same name. Paolo Fresu, the world famous musician, who actually comes from Berchidda, created and promoted the event and is its artistic director.

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