Autumn in Barbagia 2015

The 15th edition of Autumn in Barbagia will take place from September 4th to December 13th 2015 in Barbagia area, in the centre of Sardinia.

As in previous editions, the aim is to showcase Sardinia’s rural heritage and attract visitors during what is usually a low season for tourism.

Every weekend throughout the autumn, 28 towns and villages will take turns to open their cortes i.e. the courtyards of the traditional houses. Visitors will be able to gain a first-hand experience of the local country life, discover its scents, savour its tastes, learn about its traditions, handicrafts and art work, all of which has been jealously nurtured for centuries in the Barbagia area.

This annual event draws thousands of visitors every year, from Sardinia, mainland Italy and many other countries.


Download here the program


ASPEN,  Nuoro
ph no: + 39 0784 242504

See more at: Cuore della Sardegna 



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