Vacanze in Sardegna - Sito ufficiale della Regione Sardegna

Primo piano

In Cagliari, a crypt which was a prison, and later a place of devotion. At Nora, a small church by the sea, a symbol of martyrdom. An invisible line joins the quarter of Stampace, in the heart of Cagliari, to Nora, a small town a short distance from the island’s capital. These two places are linked each year, starting on 1 May, by a 65-km long procession which re-enacts the tale of Sant’Efisio, with its tapestry of legend and faith. A celebration that has achieved international renown, bringing together the whole of Sardinia with the icons of tradition – costumes, decorated ox carts, allegories, masks, hymns and prayers.

If a place opens itself to the visitor offering stunning sceneries and always new...


01 May
Dal 12.02.2016 al 14.10.2016

In Cagliari an overview of classical music, electronic sounds and poetry. ...

Dal 01.05.2016 al 04.05.2016

A festival rich in colours, costumes and traditions in Cagliari

Dal 01.04.2016 al 30.12.2016

At Cagliari Opera House the shows run until december 2015

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