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Sa Sartiglia takes place in Oristano on the last Sunday and the last Tuesday of Carnival. The horsemen gallop through the narrow streets of the town centre to spear  with their swords a silver star hunging across their path.  At the end of the race for the stars,  the event continues with horseback acrobatics. The horsemen divided into groups of three,  perform breathtaking feats and displays on horseback. Read more...

Carnival , no holds barred, rules to the wind, full of jokes and colours, especially...


09 February
Dal 11.11.2015 al 24.04.2016

Off with the Mask: Great Theatre at Cagliari’s Teatro Massimo

Dal 07.02.2016 al 09.02.2016

120 Horse riders to catch a star.

How to get there


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