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With “Sos iscusorzos de Teti” Autunno in Barbagia next weekend suggests a visit to this charming village set against a splendid natural backdrop criss-crossed by nature trails, and with the chance to get to know their fascinating Nuraghic and mining villages.

Set amidst the hills or huddled on the mountains, these small settlements offer...


29 November
Dal 04.09.2015 al 13.12.2015

Twenty-eight small towns and villages in Sardinia’s heartland celebrate...

Dal 11.11.2015 al 24.04.2016

Off with the Mask: Great Theatre at Cagliari’s Teatro Massimo

Dal 29.05.2015 al 30.12.2015

At Cagliari Opera House the shows run until december 2015

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